While 2020 certainly had its challenges, here are some of the ways we saw God at work in a remarkable way in the lives of people in our community through your generosity and support. 
EUMC and people in our community donated over $80,000 dollars to the Pandemic Relief Fund. We used that money not only for food, but to help with rent, medical bills, utility bills, and the like for people both in our church and in our community.

EUMC Food Distribution began from “hey we can throw some food together to give out on Easter weekend to being a weekly Friday Food Distribution. Through a partnership with Oakes Farm, God’s blessings and the generosity of local residents we were able to distribute nearly 1,000,000 pounds of food into our community from April to December! 

EUMC Thanksgiving Food Build supplied 400 Thanksgiving dinners to families in our community and also gave dinners to five other ministries in the area that needed help. This could not have happened without the help of dedicated volunteers who shopped, set up, and distributed meals. 

THRIVE Dough Holy Night was a truly joyful event sponsored by the Children’s Ministry.  To help spread Christmas cheer for our community, we passed out Family ‘JOY’ kits filled with love, a Nativity ornament, cookie dough, hot cocoa packets, and family fun activities.  We had 57 families/cars drive thru our Christmas ‘to go” portico and be greeted with smiling faces.  We even had Santa and a few Shepherds visit.  It was such a blessing to see familiar faces and new faces all the while spreading God’s love in a season of needed hope.   

EUMC Angel Tree was a huge blessing to children in our area. Despite the challenges of COVID and not having “tags” on the Angel Tree, God provided another plan. We had 23 children sponsored and donations provided gifts for another 168 children. The Youth group shopped for many of the gifts and Cup of Joe and the Women’s Bible study put together 90 gift bags for the homeless ministry “Come as You Are”.