What is Safe Families?
Safe Families is a volunteer movement that connects the children of parents in distress with host families who have been called to open their hearts, their arms and their homes to serve those in need.  The Safe Families experience starts at church, where families are invited to not only change the lives of a fellow family for better, but to enrich their own with untold blessings by living out the gospel.  By hosting these vulnerable children along with support from their church, this extended family environment helps keep children safe and reunite families all in the name of Christ.

See more at:  www.safefamilies.org or local swfla               at www.facebook.com/SafeFamiliesSWflorida

What is Love INC? (In the name of Christ)

Love INC mobilizes local churches in northern Collier and Southern Lee County to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.  We do that by effectively connecting with their church partners and the surrounding community while mobilizing the body of Christ to function as local missionaries.  Verified needs of neighbors in need are primarily met through the churches, with the goal of connecting our client with a partner church to achieve life transformation.

See more at:  www.Loveincswfl.org or Facebook at: www.facebook.com/LoveINC-of-South-Lee-andNorth-Collier

What is Wings of Shelter?

R E S C U E .   R E S T O R E .   E D U C A T E .   P R E V E N T .
Wings of Shelter Int’l, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) faith-based organization dedicated to the intervention and prevention of child sex trafficking across our city, country and globe. We offer restoration, rehabilitation and safe harbor housing to minor female survivors of trafficking while fighting against the factors that encourage trafficking to thrive.

 We hope through education and community awareness to prevent victimization from occurring before it is too late. We believe that Together, We Can Make a Difference in the fight against slavery, injustice and violence – and we hope that you will join us!

Female volunteers can serve as big sisters (commitment is twice a month on Friday evenings from 5p to 9p) or as transporters (commitment is preferably at least 1x a week mornings or afternoons Monday-Friday). All volunteers must pass a background check by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Florida Department of Children and Families and complete a 3 hour training provided by Wings of Shelter. 

Additionally, volunteers can provide meals for the safe house or a variety of different services from haircuts to exercise as people have skills to offer 🙂 


What is One Way Out Ministry and Second Chance Upscale Retail?

One Way Out Ministries is a multi-faceted ministry reaching the world by picking women up out of rough places, brushing them off in love, and introducing them to a real life with Christ through Home Missions, Networking and Creative Awareness.

Home Missions: designed to help women who are trapped in the adult entertainment world and other controlling lifestyles; Jail, Prostitution, Drug addiction and also help provide practical needs for human trafficked victims

To see women become whole and free, living life better than they could ever imagine. We take One Way Out to where they are – the clubs, brothels, and the streets and Lee County jail –bringing gifts, developing relationships and meeting their practical needs.  Leading them to a life with Jesus and all the blessings that can bring to their lives.

Want to learn more or become a volunteer working with the women or in our retail store?

www.onewayout.org for volunteer application and to learn more.  Watch us in action daily on www.facebook.com/onewayoutministries/

What is Super Kids Club-New Horizons of SWFLA?

New Horizons is a faith based organization that is for all at-risk youth to support completing a high school education with a plan for the future to become contributing members of society.  Empower at-risk youth to reach their full potential through tutoring, mentoring and faith building.  We support this program through our budget and have children on campus daily participating in the after-school programs.


What is EUMC Hispanic Ministry?
This ministry has been developed through the church and is provided through our very own Yadi and Cesar Galano.  This outreach to the Hispanic community provides love, guidance and service to the Hispanic community.  The idea behind this ministry is to bridge the gap for our Hispanic families in our area and provide a resource to encourage, develop and mentor them to integrate within our church and community as a whole.  Providing education, pastoral support and skills for success in their lives.  Serving and loving, teaching all in the name of Jesus.

Visit online at:  www.facebook.com