La Levisa is our sister church in Báguanos, which is in southeast Cuba.

During annual mission trips led by Yady and Cesar Galano, we deliver a love gift, fellowship with them, and help with ministries for the underserved deaf Christians of Cuba. These are amazing trips that provide exposure to a beautiful culture in a safe environment with the ability to use your skills no matter what they are! You do not need to know Spanish or sign language to participate.

The next trip to Cuba is April 16th - 20th, 2024. For info on this next trip email Yady Galano directly at


Estero Church sponsors tuition for a student at the Wesleyan University of Haiti, School of Nursing. Its Dean, Janice Cotrone, was a 30-year veteran nurse in Haiti and began the four-year RN program in 2014. Haiti officials rate it as a School of Excellence and now require some of its nursing curriculum across the board in Haiti! They remain the #1 school in Haiti despite the challenging environment of gangs and poverty.


We are connected to Greenfield Youth Foundation in Zambia by former Estero Church pastor, John Halley. Its mission is to empower the youth through sports and to develop healthy, strong, and transformed mindsets in their country. We have donated toward a youth center building and look forward to future opportunities to help.