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40 Days #07 | Service to Others

What You Will Hear

Today, on the podcast Pastor Tim shares about the spiritual discipline of service.  The discipline of service is always meant to bless, and we learn service from the ways Jesus served his disciples and others.  

Jesus embraces the  posture of a servant by washing his disciples’ feet, by healing the sick, and restoring dignity of the “least of these” in his community. In our service of others, we not only emulate him, but we will find abundant and joyful life!  Service is one of those places where the paradox of how God works is displayed.  When we learn how to serve others well, we see how the Lord helps us find true, full life.

We don’t need to serve in big, lofty matters. Our service can and often does take on small almost mundane tasks.


Ways to Practice Service:

  • Checking on a neighbor or visiting a widow
  • Cooking for someone who is overwhelmed at work
  • Babysitting the kids so the parents can steal a few free minutes together
  • Protecting others’ reputation
  • Refusing to engage in slander or gossip but to instead take time to go directly to people if they offended you
  • You can serve people by telling them the truth in love, making quite sure first that your intention is love, 
  • Praying for people,