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40 Days #01 | The Process of Growth

What You Will Hear

Welcome to the 40 Days podcast! We are so excited for these next 7 weeks together. This is a weekly podcast all about learning to practice the spiritual disciplines of Jesus.

Today, Pastor Tim introduces us to the practice of spiritual disciplines. Spiritual disciplines are habits that can help us grow a deeper connection with Jesus. Pastor Tim encourages us by saying that we can provide the right conditions for God to meet us through spiritual disciplines. Much like a gardener provides the right conditions for a seed to grow; he prepares the soil, plants the seed, protects the plant and waters it. But, the gardener can’t make his plants grow; only God can do that. It is the same with spiritual disciplines. Practicing these habits can provide the opportunity for God to meet us.

Over the next few weeks we’ll have the opportunity to try out or strengthen these disciplines:

  • Prayer
  • Confession
  • Engaging the Word of God
  • Fasting
  • Celebration
  • Service & Works

We can trust God to meet us and grow us, but it may be in ways that are completely unexpected. Over the next few weeks, let’s open our hearts to his work. This is a process in which we yield ourselves to Him and retrain ourselves to live our lives God’s way.

You will find that God will be extremely gracious, loving and affirming as you make your way out of the darkness that you’ve been hiding in and bring yourself into the full light of his love.