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40 Days #02 | Prayer 

What You Will Hear

“I don’t know how it is for you, but for me sometimes prayer is like talking to the ceiling, sometimes prayer is like doing battle, sometimes prayer is like being lifted out of myself and taken to another place, and sometimes prayer is like an uncomfortable mirror.  That day, as I remember it now, prayer was like slipping into a warm bath.”

On today’s podcast Pastor Tim talks about how we can grow in the spiritual discipline of prayer. Prayer helps us to hear and know God, gives us context to hear and know ourselves, and is an opportunity for us to reveal ourselves to God just as we are.  This week, we want to encourage you to practice praying, and we know that God reveals himself as we are able to receive it.

Here are some ways to experiment with prayer this week:

  • Choose the same time every day to begin
  • Take a few minutes to relax and get yourself there
  • Gently give to Jesus the million thoughts of all you have to accomplish or forgot to do so you can pick them up when you are finished
  • Ask God to help you pray